A profound comparison

Saturday, May 23, 2009 Comments

H/T: Jill Stanek

As Jill Stanek put it, the comparison found on Voices Carry is indeed "profound:"

It occurred to me to juxtapose these two pictures from earlier today at Notre Shame University.

While the millstone of Notre Dame is placed around President Obortion's neck and 12k at Notre Dame stand giving a thunderous ovation, all heaven stood to honor an 80-year-old priest as he received heaven's high honor for peacefully taking a stand for life and the plight of the unborn...

That little jail tag around the neck of this bound man of God is a high honor in the kingdom of God. If you are wondering about my phrase - "the millstone of Notre Dame" - I'd remind you that Jesus spoke of placing something around the neck of those who keep children from LIFE.

I am not Catholic but I am a Christian and have a great respect for people who devote their lives to doing God's work, whatever their particular faith. I am deeply saddened to see this priest treated like a common criminal. I believe the official charge was "trespassing." How can a priest be "trespassing" on the campus of a Catholic university? Isn't that a place he should expect to be welcomed? It is sad to see a university that I have long respected as a religious institution treat one of their own this way and turn their backs on God's innocent children in honoring a man who holds those children in such contempt.

Obama said during the campaign that he wouldn't want his daughters "punished with a baby" if they made a "mistake." Since when are babies considered "punishment"? And why would he be so quick to "punish" his own grandchildren with a death sentence for the "mistake" of their mother (and father)?

All babies are children of God, and all are innocent no matter the circumstances of their conception.

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