Montana gun law challenges federal gov't

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Comments

H/T Real Texas Blog

Apparently, Montana has passed a new law, the "Montana Firearms Freedom Act," challenging federal gun control laws. Essentially, it says that any firearms that are made and kept within the state of Montana are exempt from federal oversight because they do not cross state lines (ie. they are not "interstate commerce") and are therefore out of the federal government's jurisdiction. This means exemption from federal background checks, licensing, and registration.

This new law is not only a protection of the state's gun rights, but also an assertion of states' rights. As Texas governor Rick Perry stated recently, the federal government has been impeding on states' rights for a long time now.

I hope that more states will opt to follow Montana's example. I know I'll be writing to my state legislators to try to get something similar started here.

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