Send thanks to our troops

Friday, December 24, 2010 Comments

Xerox has set up a website where you can choose a thank you card and they will print it and send to our troops stationed overseas. The designs are all from artwork submitted by children around the country, and they have some really cute and patriotic ones over there :).

It only takes a minute and it's free!

Let's Say Thanks

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Bikers ride with boy in support after school banned his flag

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Comments


From The Blaze:

"hundreds of patriotic bikers — many of them veterans — showed up to escort him to school Monday morning"

More on the story here - after a huge outcry the school reversed its decision and is allowing the flag. I gotta tell ya, the school's "safety" excuse doesn't make sense to me... they claim some students complained about the flag and made threats, but if that is the case it is the students making the threats who should have gotten in trouble, not the innocent boy who was threatened. Since when do we appease bullies by forcing others to give in to them?!

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QE2 explained by a teddy bear and a kitten


H/T Freedomworks

This is great! (language warning, includes the s* word a couple of times)

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Happy days!

Sunday, November 7, 2010 Comments

I cracked up laughing when I heard this on the radio and was happy to see it posted online so I can share :).

With all the serious stuff going on it was fun to enjoy a little light-hearted silliness the day after the election ;).

Glenn Beck: Happy days are here again

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Rise up!

Sunday, July 18, 2010 Comments

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"Unconscionable Ineptitude"?

Monday, June 7, 2010 Comments

The Obama administration claims they've been working to resolve the oil spill in the Gulf "from day one."

You be the judge (based on photo essay from PolitiPage):

Looks like a lot more attention to "golf" than the "Gulf" if you ask me.

Obama criticized the Bush administration for its "unconscionable ineptitude" in response to Katrina (from

I would have been inclined to say his own response to the oil spill in the gulf qualifies as "unconscionable ineptitude." However, now we find that he actually knew from the beginning that this would "likely lead to an unprecedented environmental disaster."

Knowing ahead of time and still not acting in a timely way to minimize the impact to the coast goes beyond "ineptitude." And it's not the first time he's ignored Americans in crisis (golf was more important than the floods in Nashville too).

Maybe he's still trying to "vote present," but that's not a luxury that presidents have. Regardless of the reasons, it seems more like dereliction of duty than ineptitude to me.

"We're going to do some hard thinking about how we could have failed our fellow citizens so badly." ~Sen. Obama re: Katrina

Perhaps it's time President Obama take a cue from Senator Obama and do some hard thinking about failing the American citizens.

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Courage remembered

Sunday, June 6, 2010 Comments

It's been 66 years since D-Day, 1944, which marked the beginning of the liberation of Europe.

The battle for freedom is ongoing. We find inspiration in the bravery of those who fought that day, and we can honor the memory of their service by continuing to stand in defense of liberty.

From Michelle Malkin:


And in the "sad, but true" category (also found via Michelle Malkin), here's how today's media would have covered D-Day.

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A day for gratitude

Monday, May 31, 2010 Comments

To our fallen heroes, and their families... thank you for your service and sacrifice. You have my eternal gratitude, today and every day.

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"I am the Flag"

Saturday, May 8, 2010 Comments

I am the Flag

by Ruth Apperson Rous

I am the flag of the United States of America.

I was born on June 14, 1777, in Philadelphia.

There the Continental Congress adopted my stars and stripes as the national flag.

My thirteen stripes alternating red and white, with a union of thirteen white stars in a field of blue, represented a new constellation, a new nation dedicated to the personal and religious liberty of mankind.

Today fifty stars signal from my union, one for each of the fifty sovereign states in the greatest constitutional republic the world has ever known.

My colors symbolize the patriotic ideals and spiritual qualities of the citizens of my country.

My red stripes proclaim the fearless courage and integrity of American men and boys and the self-sacrifice and devotion of American mothers and daughters.

My white stripes stand for liberty and equality for all.

My blue is the blue of heaven, loyalty, and faith.

I represent these eternal principles: liberty, justice, and humanity.

I embody American freedom: freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the press, and the sanctity of the home.

I typify that indomitable spirit of determination brought to my land by Christopher Columbus and by all my forefathers - the Pilgrims, Puritans, settlers at James town and Plymouth.

I am as old as my nation.

I am a living symbol of my nation's law: the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

I voice Abraham Lincoln's philosophy: "A government of the people, by the people,for the people."

I stand guard over my nation's schools, the seedbed of good citizenship and true patriotism.

I am displayed in every schoolroom throughout my nation; every schoolyard has a flag pole for my display.

Daily thousands upon thousands of boys and girls pledge their allegiance to me and my country.

I have my own law—Public Law 829, "The Flag Code" - which definitely states my correct use and display for all occasions and situations.

I have my special day, Flag Day. June 14 is set aside to honor my birth.

Americans, I am the sacred emblem of your country. I symbolize your birthright, your heritage of liberty purchased with blood and sorrow.

I am your title deed of freedom, which is yours to enjoy and hold in trust for posterity.

If you fail to keep this sacred trust inviolate, if I am nullified and destroyed, you and your children will become slaves to dictators and despots.

Eternal vigilance is your price of freedom.

As you see me silhouetted against the peaceful skies of my country, remind yourself that I am the flag of your country, that I stand for what you are - no more, no less.

Guard me well, lest your freedom perish from the earth.

Dedicate your lives to those principles for which I stand: "One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

I was created in freedom. I made my first appearance in a battle for human liberty.

God grant that I may spend eternity in my "land of the free and the home of the brave" and that I shall ever be known as "Old Glory," the flag of the United States of America.

(emphasis added)

Original poem found here

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I think it's fair to say...


...that the school officials in this case acted "stupidly":

California Students Sent Home for Wearing U.S. Flags on Cinco de Mayo

How the American flag can possibly be considered "incendiary" - being displayed in America, by Americans - is utterly beyond me. Generations of Americans have served and many have given their lives to defend our freedoms and that includes the freedom to display our flag proudly at any time and place.

More on the story here (H/T HotAir):

Update: California Principal Apologizes for Forbidding U.S. Flag Shirts on Mexican Holiday

I'm glad to hear that.

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Bring home the politicians

Saturday, April 17, 2010 Comments

I really like this idea, for a number of reasons. What do you think?

More info available at:

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"We're all wanted by someone"

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Comments

"Unwanted" A Story About Choice:

The story of Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation - very uplifting!

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Too Many Aborted


Excerpts from their website at

Abortion is not a me issue. It’s not a you issue. It’s not a personal issue, nor is it just a woman’s issue. It is a human issue. And today, with over 40% of all black pregnancies ending in induced abortion, it is a human crisis.


The Radiance Foundation has decried abortion’s impact on our entire society, regardless of race, but this particular campaign attempts to dig deeper and focus on abortion in an historical context with real present-day ramifications. This isn’t black versus white, or a me versus you. It’s the truth versus the lie. The truth is that abortion kills an innocent human life.


Today, abortion kills more African-Americans, per year, than heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, accidents, homicides, suicide, and cancer–combined. Black women have abortions at over 3x the rate of white women. The truth screams loud and clear–we are killing our very future.

The campaign was featured on Fox News:
The eyebrow-raising ads featuring a young black child are an effort by the anti-abortion movement to use race to rally support within the black community. The reaction from black leaders has been mixed, but the "Too Many Aborted" campaign, which so far is unique to only Georgia, is drawing support from other anti-abortion groups across the country.

"It's ingenious," said the Rev. Johnny Hunter, national director of the Life Education and Resource Network, a North Carolina-based anti-abortion group aimed at African-Americans that operates in 27 states. "This campaign is in your face, and nobody can ignore it."

Also from the same article, here's the response from a pro-abortion professor:
"These one-issue approaches that are not about saving the black family or black children, it's just a big distraction," she said. "Many black people don't know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less." (emphasis added)

Is it just me, or does that sound like a repeat of the "people are just too stupid to know or care what we're doing" argument we've come to expect from liberals and so-called "progressives"? I guess I should not be so surprised anymore at how blatantly the libs insult the intelligence of people they supposedly are advocating for. When the facts are crystal clear, undisputed, and not in their favor, I suppose there's not much else for them to say.

Personally, I applaud the Radiance Foundation for their "Endangered Species" campaign. They speak the truth, they have the history and the statistics to back it up, and it is information that all Americans need to hear.

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"revolutionary holocaust - live free... or die"

Saturday, January 23, 2010 Comments

In case you missed it, here are the full clips of Glenn Beck's documentary about the history of socialism / communism including events that have been largely scrubbed from our history. Very informative, but I recommend not watching with young children around because there is some disturbing footage.

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Gas up the truck!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Comments

I have neglected this blog for a little while due to my schedule, but I couldn't miss posting tonight's exciting news (not like you haven't already heard it, lol).

Mr. Brown is headed to Washington, as Massachusetts voters have sent a clear message to the DC elites, "can you hear us now?!"

H/T: Gateway Pundit

There is much work yet to be done, but with a little balance to offset the one-party rule running roughshod over We the People, today is a good day for America.

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