The Tea Party rocked!

Saturday, April 18, 2009 Comments

I just have to say Wednesday was awesome! It was a long day, I volunteered to help out so I arrived about 3 hours early (and it took me almost two hours to get there, I took MARTA part of the way) and it was almost midnight before I got home. It was well worth it, I got to meet some great people, and it was really encouraging to see such a huge turnout of people from all walks of life coming together as Americans to make our voices heard. I have a ton of other updates but now that I finally had some time to get the video put together, this had to come first :).

Atlanta Tea Party - April 15, 2009 from eternalvigilance on Vimeo.

Most of my pictures were taken well before the event started, when it was still possible to walk around although by 5pm it was already getting pretty crowded and it didn't officially start until 7pm. One of the highlights of the night was, I got Sean Hannity's autograph :). Very cool! I listen to at least part of his radio show pretty much every day and we watch his show in the evenings also, so it was exciting to meet him (albeit briefly).

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