Do they think we are stupid?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Comments

Don't answer that, it's quite obvious the answer is a resounding YES they do.

So Obama is asking his Cabinet to cut $100 million from his $3.6 trillion budget proposal. Wow, what a sacrifice. Can I just point out that $100 million is less than a dollar for every American?

In fact, it comes out to 33 cents for every American. On a budget that is equal to $12,000 for every American (and that's just the budget proposal, not including any of the other recent spending for TARP, stimulus pkg, auto bailouts, etc.)

So if you're asking to spend $12,000 and someone tells you no, that's too much, you need to trim it down... is cutting 33 cents going to make a bit of difference? Hardly. It's no more than a rounding error.

So congratulations folks, your share of the Obama budget proposal is now the ever-more-fiscally-responsible $11,999.67. What a joke.

Even if they cut $100 billion that still would only be cutting $333 per American, bringing the total to $11,667 per American. And to my knowledge, the administration is not considering cuts anywhere near as "large" as that.

This is just part of what the tea parties were all about. Our children deserve better.

The press actually pressed Robert Gibbs on this one, reminding him that previously he blew off $8 billion in earmarks as inconsequential, but now we are supposed to believe that $100 million is huge.

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