We are all socialists now?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Comments

Saw this on Glenn Beck last night, wanted to vomit.

If this pork-laden spendulus bill passes, well, this is reality. How can this possibly stimulate the economy when it will pull billions upon billions of dollars (into the trillions with interest) OUT of the private sector through taxes?

GWB started us on this path with the TARP nonsense (with a little help from Pelosi and Reid). And BHO seems determined to finish what they started. We're told the current porkulus bill is just the "first step." A new TARP 2 is already in the works. Where does it end? At what point do we find ourselves so far down the road to socialism that we can't find our way back?

How will we possibly explain this to our children someday? They, and their children, will be left with the bill because our government believed that "only government" could solve our problems when in fact what we need is for government to step out of the way, give us OUR money back and let the people solve this. With that money, businesses small and large would be able to hire people. Individuals would be able to buy goods and services. All of this would stimulate the economy, without any bureaucrat involvement.

Visit http://nostimulus.com/ to sign the petition.

Visit Take the TCOT Challenge to tell what you would do with more money in your pocket (if taxes were reduced).

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