Saying farewell

Monday, January 19, 2009 Comments

The other day I watched the latter part of President Bush's farewell speech, and a few things struck me as I listened. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I have been critical of Bush on a number of points over the years (the recent bailout fiasco for one). But at his core, George W. Bush is a good and decent man. I think that often gets lost in the shuffle amid all the Bush-bashing that's out there. Much is said about his approval rating in the 30's, little is said of Congress' approval rating in the teens.

Regardless of any policy decisions we may or may not agree with, I believe that President Bush has by and large done what he felt was right, whether or not it was popular or politically expedient. I hope that history remembers that about him. And to his credit, he has succeeded in preventing any terrorist attacks on our soil after 9/11. Who among us would have predicted that 7 years ago?

I was also struck by a deep appreciation for our founders and the system of government they established for us. The peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next is a blessing. America is a great nation, and I wish our incoming president the best as he takes the oath of office tomorrow. Although we face some serious immediate challenges, I have to believe that we will find a way to meet those challenges and emerge stronger for it.

UPDATE - Just got word that Bush has commuted the sentences of border patrol agents Ramos and Compean. I would have liked to see a full pardon, but I'm extremely happy to hear that these two men will be returning to their families soon.

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