"Unconscionable Ineptitude"?

Monday, June 7, 2010 Comments

The Obama administration claims they've been working to resolve the oil spill in the Gulf "from day one."

You be the judge (based on photo essay from PolitiPage):

Looks like a lot more attention to "golf" than the "Gulf" if you ask me.

Obama criticized the Bush administration for its "unconscionable ineptitude" in response to Katrina (from Breitbart.tv):

I would have been inclined to say his own response to the oil spill in the gulf qualifies as "unconscionable ineptitude." However, now we find that he actually knew from the beginning that this would "likely lead to an unprecedented environmental disaster."

Knowing ahead of time and still not acting in a timely way to minimize the impact to the coast goes beyond "ineptitude." And it's not the first time he's ignored Americans in crisis (golf was more important than the floods in Nashville too).

Maybe he's still trying to "vote present," but that's not a luxury that presidents have. Regardless of the reasons, it seems more like dereliction of duty than ineptitude to me.

"We're going to do some hard thinking about how we could have failed our fellow citizens so badly." ~Sen. Obama re: Katrina

Perhaps it's time President Obama take a cue from Senator Obama and do some hard thinking about failing the American citizens.

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